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Rock Climbing
For Gym Climbers

White Mountains Climb & Camp Adventure

Enjoy two full days of incredible climbing and an overnight in the backcountry of New Hampshire's White Mountains. An all-inclusive guided experience perfect for friends and couples.


Adirondack Climb & Camp Adventure

Enjoy two full days of stunning climbing and an overnight in the backcountry of New York's Adirondack High Peaks. An all-inclusive guided experience perfect for friends and couples.


Intro to Trad Climbing

The ultimate expression of climbing skill, trad climbing requires solid movement, a calm head & the ability to make critical decisions under pressure. Start your journey with this exceptional program.


Toprope Anchor Building

Setting up secure, solid and safe top rope anchors is your first step toward becoming a confident independent climber. Get outside this season by learning how to stay safe while having fun.


Learn to Lead

Ready to get on the "sharp end" and unlock a whole new world of climbing? Learn the fundamentals of sport climbing and start leading from the ground up!


Gym to Crag

Learn the skills you need to take your indoor gym experience and translate it to a safe outdoor experience. Get climbing outside on your own and with friends this season!

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First Time Outside

A guiding experience specially designed for gym climbers looking to get their hands dirty outdoors.  Let us take you out and experience your first rush of a tall cliff.


Guided Rock Climbing

Looking to go rock climbing without having to worry about the details?  Let our guides handle the work while you enjoy the experience.

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The Mountains Are The Medium

There are many reasons to climb:  challenge; exercise; community; connection to the landscape.  When all else is said and done, climbing is simply fun.

But the mountains are only the medium.  Our message, our mission, is to foster education, personal growth and a flexible, resilient mindset through rock climbing and outdoor adventure.

By providing technical rock climbing skills training alongside psychological mindset training we aim to encourage the growth of confidence, curiosity and courage.

Why do we really climb?  We climb because we like who we become.
Evidence-Based Coaching
Our coaches work from a foundation of evidence-based practices. We combine solid clinical evidence with expert coaching, driven by client-centered values. Our influences include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.
Certified Guides & Instructors
All of our guides and instructors are certified by the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) for the terrain in which they work. We adhere to industry standards for safety and professionalism and are committed to continuing education that builds on our experience.

We are based in beautiful

Burlington, Vermont

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While our programs take us all over the country, we are proud to call Vermont home.

Not only is Vermont a beautiful state, it provides us easy access to the best climbing in the Northeast, including the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the Adirondacks in New York, and of course the Green Mountains right at our doorstep.

As climbers, we proudly support our local climbing organizations and are advocates for conscientious access to the outdoors, conservation of our land and resources and the protection of our wildlife.

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